Melanotan User Guide

This document is for guidance purposes only and in no way replaces any official statements or other
legal guidance documentation. This document does not claim to be correct or complete, no one should
use melanotan based only on what has been read in this user guide. It is highly advisable that person
wanting to use melanotan hormone do their own research on this product. accepts
no liability for the contents of this document, nor how an individual chooses to apply this document.

Melanotan must not be used if you are:
1. under the age of 18
2. pregnant
3. with any medical condition
4. without common sense
5. not able to understand difference between ml and mg (milliliter and milligram)

Required equipment:
1) melanotan 2) sterile water
3) Insulin syringes 4) alcohol swabs
Equipment explained:
1. Melanotan 2 – glass vial containing 10mg of synthetic hormone powder
2. Sterile water – plastic ampoule containing 5ml of water which is sterile and safe to be used for
injections.Once opened all unused water to be discarded, do not keep open ampoule for later
3. Insulin syringes – 1ml or 100 IU (international units) syringe with fixed needle.
4. Alcohol swabs – pre-injection alcohol swabs used to wipe skin’s injection site and melanotan
vial’s rubber top.

Preparing melanotan 2 for injections (mixing) :
Melanotan 2 is sold and shipped as a dry powder in the glass vial. Melanotan cannot be sold pre-mixed,
because once mixed with sterile water it has to be kept in fridge or it will lose it’s tanning potency.
Step 1) open sterile water ampoule by snapping off its head. Top of the ampoule will come off very
easy as they are designed to be used this way.
Step 2) turn opened sterile water ampoule upside down and insert insulin syringe in it.
Step 3) withdraw 1ml (100 IU) of sterile water into insulin syringe.

Step 4) remove flip off cap from melanotan 2 vial
Step 5) pierce insulin syringe’s needle through the melanotan vial rubber cap so needle is aiming to
glass side of the vial, not directly to melanotan powder. Slowly inject 1 ml (100 IU) of sterile water into
melanotan vial.
Step 6) stir vial gently untill white powder has completely dissolved in water. Now you have ready to
use melanotan with concentration of 0.1ml – 1mg. You only have to add 1ml of sterile water to
melanotan vial ONCE!

This is something you will need to work out yourself, since everyone is different, there is no standard
dose that will fit everyone. People have different weights, skin types, preferred tan level and also
some people respond to drug better than others.
Below is dosing example not backed up by proven science. This is only example, you should do your
own research and experiment to see what doses are best for you.
Doses and dosing frequency on small scale will vary from person to person, but this is for your overall
Male, 85kg, skin type 3. Goal – moderately brown skin
Loading – 0.5mg (5IU) every day until desired skin tone is achieved. While doing injections every day
you should be getting some UV ray exposure at least every other day. Melanotan is active in body for
36h after injection, you should get some UV rays within this time or injected melanotan is wasted.
Maintenance – 1mg (10 IU) once or twice a week.
Timing – most people when just starting to use melanotan will experience mild nausea right after
injection, for this reason it is advisable to take injections just before going to bed so you sleep it over.
Injecting melanotan:
Melanotan should be injected in fat layer of skin, most commonly this is done in belly fat. Injection
should be completely painless if done properly.
Step 1) open alcohol swab sachet and wipe your injection site and melanotan vial rubber cap

Step 2) insert insulin syringe in melanotan vial, turn melanotan vial up side down and witdraw your
desired amount of melanotan liquid by pulling plunger down. Watch out for air bubbles.
Step 3) Insert insulin syringe needle in your skin’s fat layer and push the plunger.
Step 4) place melanotan vial in the fridge. Do not freeze.
Next time wanting to take melanotan you should go back to this page step 1)

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